What Happened This Week in Washington

It is not so much what happened in Washington, but what happened in and to America….

A dark cloud of uncertainty hangs like an albatross over America right now. Our cities are cloaked in percentages and distrust, our people are seething beneath the impulse of unrest. All across the land we are glued to the numbing glow of televisions in our living rooms, in bars, in offices, on cell phones, computers, and even in our minds. The world too, cast like a forgotten dream to the distant edges of our thought, watches on.

As of this writing we do not know who the next president of the United States will be. We only know that we are not united. And perhaps have not been in such a way since the Civil War over 150 years ago. We are no longer our fellow Americans–we are warring tribes haranguing each other with opinions handed down from the internet, from contagious group think, from sock puppets posing as politicians–and not from ourselves. We have allowed the ease of ready-made and mass produced narratives to goosestep us into foot soldiers for causes that care nothing for us. We have become enemies to ourselves. We have become enemies to the dream that was democracy. We have become enemies. We have become enemies.

And I wonder not how history will judge us, but if we will even have the wherewithal to hear its verdict.

On this somber day, I offer my meager observations below:

  1. Chaos: And the election flies quickly into chaos as Nov. 4th came crawling over the mountains with no President elected. However, one thing remains clear: when the Left wants something, they go out and take it. They translate their anger into action—whether that be rioting, protesting, coercion of mainstream media, or apparently now, voter fraud. Starting with the battleground states and spreading all the way to the surprising blue tide in Arizona (where apparently sharpie pens were used on ballots and other goofy hijinks that seem to typify the whole of 2020), reports of delayed vote count, sudden Biden surges, hundreds of ballots appearing ear-marked out of nowhere continue to dog an election, a year, a rising epoch in American life where nothing means anything anymore above a incessant current of speculative and sensational button clicking noise. Nothing really matters when everything hangs on the balance of a dull knife. Biden winning the presidency is not a referendum on Trump—it is a whispering sign of America’s capitulation to mob-rule.
  2. Reid the Racist: MSNBC’s Joy Reid, one day after calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “Uncle Clarence” in a mock southern accent, takes to the airwaves to declare her absolute rage at America for the close race between Biden and Trump, saying “As the night went on, and I realized, and it sunk in, OK that’s not happening. We are still who we thought, unfortunately,” Reid continued. “It’s disappointing. I emerge from this disappointed.” Right. So because people were freely allowed to make their choice and their choice was not what you prefer, they are wrong and they are racist. Does high school ever end?
  3. What the Hell is Going on:Sadly we are no closer to picking a president than we were when I started writing this column Wednesday morning,. As of Friday morning there were still 36,000 mail-in ballots to be counted in Pennsylvania, burst pipelines and technology glitches at Georgia polling places, 2,000 votes double counted for Democrats in Rochester Hills, Michigan, windows boarded up and doors locked to GOP poll watchers as counting suddenly started unannounced at 4am, rumors of backdating mail-in ballots, and in Arizona voters have been told their ballot has been canceled due to signature irregularities or simply “lost”.