What Happened This Week in Washington

A Politically Incorrect Recap of this Week’s Politics: (10-30-20)

  1. Bobulinski & the Media Bias: Former Lieutenant Tony Bobulinski goes on Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to offer an explosive personal account of his role in the Biden family’s clandestine quid pro qua business dealings with China, in which Bobulinski definitively said the former Vice President met with himself and Chinese officials to facilitate a deal that would land millions in Biden’s bank account, and also shrugged off Bobulinski’s concerns that such in the dark dealings with the U.S’s biggest adversary might damage a presidential run. Biden of course, remains silent on the issue—and why shouldn’t he? Nobody in the media, what used to be called journalism, will bother to ask. They have tried at every single turn to squash the story, to hide it, and now to deny it in front of the American people—and they don’t care if you know it. CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times, Twitter and Facebook have all, by not only working to make the story disappear like a poor magic trick but also blatantly not attempting to hide their dereliction of duty to report the facts, said “You know what? You, the American people, are too stupid, gullible, and insignificant to see through what we’re doing. And if you’re not, well….what are you going to do about it?
  2. Cruz Takes Big Tech to Task: Texas Senator Ted Cruz took the heads of Big Tech to task this week, in a hearing where he demanded answers on the over censoring of political stories that do not favor their Beloved Biden. In particular, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who showed up looking as inept and helpless as his answers to Cruz’s questions, was the most reticent of the dweeby bunch, responding to Cruz’s question of “If you truly believe you don’t have the power to influence elections, then why do you block anything?” His answer “Well, people have other forms of communication…” Pew Research Center reports 55% of the U.S. population now gets its daily news from social media. You have the ear of half the population and you stand there, with your disgusting beard, nose ring, and homeless Halloween costume, for a Senate Committee hearing no less, and honestly try to argue you don’t have the power to influence elections. Yea, take another hit from the ol’ pipe Jack my boy, you are a liar.
  3. ACB to the SCOTUS: Former Notre Dame law professor Amy Comey Barrett was sworn in as a United States Supreme Court justice on October 27th 2020, where she immediately ignited a copy of Roe vs Wade on fire, punched anyone who asked about health care in the throat, put gay people in labor camps, raised an unborn army of the dead and watched your children sleep while singing showtunes from Pan’s Labyrinth. Or you know, the usual Liberal myopic meltdown….

We’ll end this week, the last before the election and the end of some people’s worlds, with Nietzsche:
“Liberalism is the transformation of mankind into cattle.”