What Happened This Week in Washington

A Politically Incorrect Recap of this Week’s Politics: (10-23-20)

  1. Jackin’ Jeffery: CNN’s beloved Jeffery Toobin will not be fired, reprimanded, or fined, and will likely be back on the network in short time, after allegedly getting caught pleasuring himself during a Zoom call with female colleagues. This is also after, in 2009, he fathered a child with a coworker’s daughter and had to be taken to court to accept responsibility. Now, if this had been Fox News, CNN would have 24/7 coverage, broadcasting the word SCANDAL across every headline, etc. But you know, they’re journalists, right?
  2. You Can’t Ask About Hunter!: NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker takes foreign policy off of Thursday night’s presidential debate—in a rather brazen offering of cover for Joe Biden, as the topic would surely incite Trump to attack the former vice president for his son Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine in wake of the explosive laptop scandal that no major news network seems interested in reporting on. Naturally Trump had to be the one to bring it up Thursday night—and in a more restrained, statesman-like posture, he repeatedly had to shout over Welker’s frequent attempts to move the discussion on any time the conversation turned to the Hunter Biden emails. They must squash the truth before the people realize it.
  3. The Media Goes to Bed with Biden: NPR puts out a statement justifying their one week parade from “This story is unsubstantiated” to “It’s clearly Russian disinformation” to finally “Well, we’re just not going to cover it, sorry.” Here’s their official statement: We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories.” Journalism is like Latin nowadays—a dead language no known knows or cares to speak.

And we’ll end this week’s short recap with some words by a man whose wisdom has long left this world:

“Politics and the fate of mankind are shaped by men without greatness. Those who possess greatness are not in politics.” – Albert Camus