What Happened This Week in Washington

A Politically Incorrect Recap of this Week’s Politics: (10-16-20)

We’ll be back on Monday to fully recap this week.

1. Biden & Son,  A Fraud-First Family: 

  • In recently surfaced emails, Hunter Biden is now under fire (again) for what appears to be evidence of an introduction on behalf of a top official at the now infamous Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings to his then VP father Hidin’ Lyin’ Joe Biden in 2015, which was less than a year before the latter pressure Ukrainian government officials to fire the prosecutor who was investigating the company. One email in particular, from an adviser to the board of directors of Burisma, a Vadym Pozharskyi, propositions the younger drug-addicted Biden for advice on “how you could use your influence on the company’s behalf”. The elder senile Biden is quoted as declaring to the Council of Foreign Relations in 2018, “I’m leaving in six hours. If that prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.” And of course, the emails also contained the usual videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack and having sex with random prostitutes. 
    • And now in a dangerous and Orwellian turn, Facebook and Twitter, where millions of people get their information, have announced they will jointly block the posting, exchange, and confluence of any material relating to the Hunter Biden email issue, citing “unsubstantiated information. Aside from the fact these are the same platforms who gleefully broadcasted (mis)information about Trump’s “alleged” comments about dead U.S. soldiers, his tax returns and other things that have now been proven false, this is a terrifying turn for the future of independent thought. They are attempting to control your access to knowledge, to inhibit your ability to form your own opinion. The new Dark Ages in flashy lights and neon oblivion.