Bring Back Obama

To testify…..

How could the president not know about the Flynn unmasking? Who else could have empowered the special counsel of Robert Mueller to begin investigating associates of the Trump administration back in 2017, with little to NO evidence? Was this a set-up at the behest of Obama? Was it not recommended to Obama not to hire Flynn?

The special counsel is a national security tool–it’s become apparent now, that it can also be weaponized as a political tool as well. And what about Obama’s conference call with then Attorney General Sally Yates–why was she surprised Obama knew more about the Flynn case than she did?

Now, whether or not Senator Lindsey Graham decides to heed Trump’s call for Obama to testify remains to be seen. But at very least, the soles of Obama’s feet must be burning…..keep sucking down that liquor
Hussein, looks like you’re going to need it.

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