What Happened This Week in Washington

A Politically Incorrect Recap of this Week’s Politics: (9-25-20)

  1. And the Pick is In: Circuit Judge in the 7th U.S. Court of appeals Amy Coney Barrett is set to become President Trump’s pick to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, igniting yet another gigantic temper tantrum from the left. The Melting Human Candlewax otherwise known as Nancy Pelosi threatens to impeach Trump once again–this time for fulfilling his Constitutional obligation to fill the seat.
  2. RBG RIP: Ruther Bader Ginsberg died this week and though Trump had an honest, somber reaction to her passing when informed of it on the runway before a campaign rally, Democrats and their hokey band of idiots decided to boo him while he paid his respects as her casket was brought to capital hill. A woman is dead, a man is paying is respects, and for one single goddamn minute, you clowns can’t let it rest. And you’re asking for my vote?
  3. Trump & the BIG10: President weighed in on the BIG10 college athletic conference’s decision whether or not to play football this Fall, apparently swaying their decision to allow their students to play. Yes, Trump helped black student athletes gain back their agency and their right to play the sport they love, but he’s a racist. Right?
  4. Hunter Biden: Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committee released an interim report detailing Hunter Biden’s role and finances while serving on the board of Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, including allegations that he made payments to Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese nationals with links to human trafficking and prostitution. This needs no more explanation, other than why is this not a national news story? Go check out CNN, MSNBC, etc.–nothing. Not a single damn thing. You know why? Because the Democratic Presidential nominee’s son is a drug addict, a sex fiend, a fraud, and is complicit in human trafficking and taking payments from Russians with connections to Putin himself. You want to talk about collusion with Russia Schiff, Schumer, Mueller, and Pelosi? I think you know where to look–but you don’t want to.
  5. New Sheriff in Seattle: Seattle hires Andre Taylor, a black man and former pimp, to act as the city’s new “Street Czar” for $150,000 a year. His first public remarks afterword include “Me, as a Black man has the right to be paid for my genius or for whatever my organization can provide,” Taylor told KOMO News. Sounds like a real genius to me.
  6. Breonna Taylor Bonanza: As black people everywhere sound the riot trumpets and stream like frenzied lemmings from their homes into the streets, little white millennials going to college on Daddy’s bank account among them, it should be noted that the acting Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron reported, as was corroborated by Taylor’s neighbors, that the police officers involved both knocked before entering and announced themselves as police before Taylor’s boyfriend began firing upon them. But you know, it’s 2020 in “Everything is Racist” America and facts don’t matter. Also: during subsequent protests after the officers were not charged Thursday, protestors shot a black police officer……Black Lives Matter? Yeah right.

As the great poet Charles Bukowski once said: “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”