When They Say Equality, They Mean Revenge

There is always a shadow to words of history. Similarly, those who rail against the “evils” of wealth, privilege, and class, are usually those without them–and those giving orations for the poor, the disenfranchised, and the unrecognized are nearly always those with salaries, a political voice, and an acknowledged platform from which to speak. They claim to represent that which they are not apart of–they’re “of the people” while the people sleep in gutters and they retire to 5-star hotel rooms and government salaried town-homes. These social facets that they rail against are “wrong” “unfair” “racist” and “dangerous” simply because they do not posses them or cannot benefit from them. They seek to transmute young white men into nervous balls of self-denial and self-hatred because they were born white and male in America. They seek to abolish an entire country’s history because it does not suit their present needs (think Orwell’s 1984 here). They seek to impeach a president because he will not submit to them or their hostile agendas. They seek to bathe the Flag in white supremacy symbolism. They seek to bathe everything in white supremacy symbolism. They seek to punish men by the righteousness of their indignation. They seek to reshape your vocabulary and your bank account (again, 1984). They seek to tell you how to feel, think, speak, and do–and deny it all the while. When they say equality….they mean revenge.