When Representatives Represent Only Themselves

The level of hypocritical ignorance contained within some people truly is astounding. Once again left wing “Progressive” reps. Illhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib continue their thinly-veiled assault on Israel. Recently the two Muslim lawmakers were denied entrance to Israel, as it came to light (and on the heels of months’ long attacks in the media) that their little trip was at the behest of Miftah, a political action group with an extensive history of anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli propaganda, including the publishing of disparaging cartoons and literature detailing the Holocaust and gleefully describing suicide bombers as “fighting for the cause”.

Yes, these same two women, who pridefully champion themselves as PROGRESSIVE (remember that word), freedom-fighters for racial and gender equality, dedicated to ridding America of the evil that is Donald Trump, the front-line of hope, freedom, and benevolence. Two women who support the Palestinian quest for freedom…..

As long as you’re not gay, lesbian, or LGBT–the Palestinian Authority, which governs all Palestinian territory, officially “banned members of the LGBTQ community from carrying out any activities in the West Bank.” Local police have also been instructed to identify and detain individuals suspected of carrying out homosexual activities.

At this point it seems pertinent to wonder aloud, JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE KIDDING LADIES? Both sides of your mouth are talking and you’d have to be deaf, dumb, or mindless not to notice.

Or, there’s this lovely cartoon which both representatives tweeted out on their personal accounts. The artist, Carlos Latuff, placed second in Iran’s annual Holocaust Cartoon Contest in 2006.

Stay classy Ladies–you’re a great representation of the United States.