What Happened This Week in Washington 6/3/21

  1. Fraudulent Fauci: The Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to the president, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has come under fire this week from Republicans over a series of leaked emails that reveal the good doctor likes to mix a little politics and panhandling with China into his day job of ending the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Released after a Freedom of Information Act request on the part of the popular online news site BuzzFeed, the emails show, among other things, that Fauci had a different outloook on the virus than his public comments might indicate. Specifically, early on he seemed to accept the notion that the virus escaped from a U.S. taxpayer-funded virology-lab in Wuhan, China, even while he repeatedly went on national television to counter attack this theory–often labeling it as “xenophobic” and “a dangerous conspiracy theory”. When pressed on this, Fauci said this week that the U.S. should not take an “accusatory” tone with China, as intelligence officials attempt to discover the origins of the virus. Excuse me? A virus that originated in China, from a lab that was ordered to immediately destroy relevant data, and killed millions worldwide–and he wants us to ask nicely? That’s like asking Ted Bundy politely, “Please sir, we don’t mean to intrude, and we respect you greatly, but would you be so kind as to tell us why you murdered all these people?” This also comes on the heels of another report, that Fauci contacted CNN political activist day and night whilst the latter was infected with the virus–and yet when his acting president, Donald Trump, was sick he rarely checked in. American politics–everything is a game.
  2. Critical Race Theory – This one is quite rich. As woke liberalism sweeps across the fetid minds of our knee-jerk, sensationalistic, and hopelessly lemming-like society, a new idea as emerged in our school systems: Critical Race Theory. In other words, let’s teach young impressionable white children, as young as elementary school, that they, not matter their disposition, personality, family, etc., are inherently racist conquerors who should feel guilt for the color of their skin. And when a parent dares to stand up and say, “Hey, wait a minute!” they are vilified as racists of the worst kind–such as in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a mother objected to teaching her 10 year-old he needs to feel guilty because he’s white, and her neighbors subsequently posted her name, face, home address, and son’s picture on a website geared to generate hate towards anyone opposing CRT. Maybe I’m crazy, but I do remember Martin Luther King saying “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”    Is Dr. King now racist too?

We live in a society where everything is for sale, and your mind hangs on the clearance rack.