What Happened This Week in Washington 2/5/21

  1. The Girl Who Cried Murder: Ain’t AOC just a peach? First she screams to stars, and by that I mean her legion of strangers on social media (being the princess diva that she is), that she was “nearly murdered!” during the Capitol siege several weeks ago. Next she’s accusing Senator Ted Cruz of “trying to have me murdered” after the senator agreed on her position that the Robinhood-Wall Street fiasco constituted criminality, whining in a cute little schoolgirl voice that bleated through her (of course) twitter type that “You haven’t even apologized for the serious physical + mental harm you contributed” Bad Mr. Cruz! Why you no apologize for bad things!–and in yet another erudite tweet, said ” What does he think the logical response to his lies should be? A hug?” I don’t know sweetheart, but seems like a hug is exactly what you want….Which brings me to the main event, the now internet-smeared story that Princess Darling was not even in the Capitol during the siege, but rather in her office in the Cannon Building, which is about 3 city blocks away from where the protestors were congregated. In fact her office mate Rep. Nancy Mace, went on record saying that Princess Darling’s account of being attacked in her office and protestors trying to break down her door are a crock of shit– “My office is 2 doors down.” Mace said, “Insurrectionists never stormed our hallway.”  Princess Darling also went on to claim that the police officer who tried to comfort her during her hysterical meltdown had “anger and hostility in his eyes,” making her question if he was trying to put her in a “vulnerable situation.” But the best part is, when confronted with the evidence of her blatant hypocrisy and sensational lies (isn’t this what she claims to have hated about Trump?) Princess Darling begins crying on one her prerecorded video chats to teenage girls, bored housewives, and other assorted emotionally high-strung strangers of her social media following, that she was sexually assaulted in the past and thus has struggled for a lifetime in getting people to “believe me”.

This is an elected official in America. Or, if one looks closer, an elected head of the drama club in the high school this country has become.

MORE TO COME: Your favorite politically incorrect author Jose Jimenez is will be back to discuss Hidin’ Lyin’ Joe Biden’s connection to…..the Illuminati??