They Scream Equality & Whisper Tyranny

Since George Floyd was killed on May 25th 2020, the United States has been under assault from citizens who make use of its water and electricity, of its provisions for free speech and demonstration, its welfare system and voting rights, its government-funded relief programs, its national parks and beaches, its infrastructure and office buildings, highways and public parks, its healthcare and its protection. Their weapons are Molotov cocktails and homemade explosives, spray paint and megaphones. Their assault is on each other and their history. They have lined the communities and cities they sleep in with violence and shattered statues. They have waged war against the institutions that provide for them. Any article of history that does not fit their narrative is a symbol of evil. Any person who does not speak their narrative is an enemy. They will not suffer negotiation. They will not suffer conversation. They will not stand for any voice but their own. They claim the 2nd amendment for their voice and deny it for yours. This is a one-sided coin. This is a mirror without reflection. This is totalitarianism.

The mind of the totalitarian is absolutism. His weapon is silence. What cannot think or speak, cannot exist. In the Stalinist era of eastern Europe, this was achieved through brutality, but was cemented by the enslavement of the human spirit. Language, for instance, became sanctioned and pre-approved by the State. With control over how they express themselves, the State was able to dictate to the population what was real and what wasn’t. What was just and what could never be.

Black Lives Matter seeks to do just that. Say anything against them and you are fire-branded a racist. Say nothing and you are labeled as complicit with racism. Everything is to be viewed through the veil of race and class distinction. There is no negotiation. There is no quarter for intellectual debate. BLM claims to seek social equality and strives for it by creating a caste system.

America, you are left with the same choice by which you began 244 years ago: Surrender to tyranny or fight for freedom. Only this time, the enemy is within.