The Four Year Temper Tantrum Rolls On….

Goddamn Dems, can you honestly be anymore of a petulant cluster of children than you already are? The answer is apparently, a resounding yes….

After the Mueller Report, after the gambit for Trump’s taxes, after the hearings, the subpoenas, the obstruction charges, the desperate collusion overture, even the moral mudslinging, after all that the Dems truly can’t help themselves–their latest effort to destroy a President who they just can’t share the same world with, who they cry themselves to sleep over, and pray to whatever god will listen for his utter destruction, is to prosecute him after he leaves office. Look at the Democratic party right now. Just look at this. This is utterly ridiculous. Children behave like this–playground logic. “He took my ball so I’m gonna tell on him! And then I’m going to tell my mom to tell his mom and he’ll get grounded when he gets home! I hate that mean, mean man who took my ball so much!”  I mean honestly, in what culture do we now exist that the leaders of our society are celebrated for pithy, childish, and wholly vengeful melodrama while in their official duties? Isn’t this EXACTLY what they hate about Trump? Isn’t this the EXACT rhetoric that sent them into hysterics when Trump had crowds chanting “Lock her up! Lock her up!” about Hilary Clinton during the campaign trail? Did they not decry moral outrage at the suggestion of imprisoning a political rival? Did they not detest Trump as vulgar for proudly declaring he would lock Clinton up?

And now we have Ms. Pelosi trumpeting from her withered pulpit, also known as her mouth, “I want him imprisoned.” Her concubines were quick to echo this grand proclamation. Harris, Booker, Buttigieg, dribbling out the chant….

Perhaps Trump’s greatest talent isn’t deal-making, or saber-rattling, or anything to do with politics or business at all…perhaps his greatest gift is the ability to reveal what lies behind the masks of those around him–the nasty, vindictive, hateful, and power-hungry faces they so desperately seek to hide.

The picture they paint of Trump, could easily be acknowledged as themselves…..