The Fake News (or Outright Dishonesty) of CNN….

Journalistic objectivity requires that a journalist not be on either side of an argument. The journalist must report only the facts and not a personal attitude toward the facts. While objectivity is a complex and dynamic notion that may refer to a multitude of techniques and practices, it generally refers to the idea of “three distinct, yet interrelated, concepts”: truthfulness, neutrality, and detachment.” –Calcutt, Andrew; Hammond, Phillip (2011). Journalism Studies: A Critical Introduction

One would think this to be fairly obvious, even to those of us outside the field of professional journalism. A free and unbiased press is one of this country’s founding pillars and close to the heart beat of a true republic. We are taught this in high schools and even earlier. We teach children to always tell the truth for heaven’s sake.

Why then, does an internationally syndicated news outlet like CNN find the concept of telling the truth so incredibly difficult? Why can they not adhere to what famed journalist and educator Walter Williams wrote in his 1914 Journalistic Pledge, “I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.”?

Instead we have this story emerging from the Washington Post, that CNN refused to allow a reporter from a San Diego news station to air his report about the border wall. Why you might ask? The reporter’s coverage contained findings that the proposed border wall WOULD be an effective deterrent against illegal immigration. Journalistic objectivity eh?

Here’s an excerpt:

“After receiving the interview request from CNN on Thursday, KUSI offered Dan Plante, who reports on border issues, said Steve Cohen, KUSI’s news director. Cohen said the station informed CNN that Plante’s reporting showed barriers have been effective in preventing illegal crossings into the United States. Later that day, Cohen said one of his producers told him that CNN had decided to pass.”

It really does appear that CNN is not even making an attempt to hide their slanted and biased news coverage. It’s rather hilarious to hear their reporters and news anchors bemoaning President Trump’s accusations of “Fake News” when it appears that’s exactly what CNN is filling the population with. Sad day for the “free” press.

The full story in the Washington Post can be found here: