Pelosi, the Melting Candle, Drips Her Tantrum Wax All Over The State of the Union Address….

Speaker of the House Nancy “CandleFace” Pelosi gave the nation a wonderfully disturbing glimpse of what politics in this country has become–nothing for the people, the advancement of a nation’s values and its liberties, the setting aside of political cultures for the shared uplifting of an American spirit that’s been tattered and dislodged over the last decade–no, none of these–or most lonesome of all, the complete and glaringly transparent abandonment of the views held by those they are sworn by duty and title to represent–the American people have lost out to the cult of mirror in this generation of politics.

And is politics event the right word anymore? Nancy Pelosi, one of the most recognizable American faces around the world, and no less as a woman who millions of young girls look up to as a torch bearer for their futures, hideously dissolving into a face-twisting, nefariously-effusive, and sensationalist temper tantrum behind the President as he delivered the State of the Union Address–culminating in a demonstrative ripping in two of the President’s speech as he made his closing remarks.

All her and her party’s remarks fall so helplessly hypocritical now, as every stone-loaded slingshot they’ve hurled at his behavior can now be picked up and hurled back with ease–if the Democrats and Madame Candle Wax continue to assail Trump’s character now, they have branded their foreheads forever for the world to see with one shinning word: HYPOCRITE…

Ah, who am I kidding? Of course they’ll keep on keeping on….

as a wise mama once said, “Stupid is as stupid does…..”

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