Joe Biden

In the realm of leadership, a tale we find, Of Joe Biden, a president, but far from kind. His tenure, a testament to missed chances, A trail of broken promises, failed advances.

With policies misguided, he takes the helm, But the consequences, a woeful realm. Economy stumbling, burdened by debt, A nation adrift, lost in his net.

His actions speak louder than his words, As division deepens, like sharpened swords. A puppet to his party, he dances the tune, Ignoring the people, their voices in ruin.

Foreign affairs in disarray, a weakened stance, His decisions clouded, lacking in prudence. Allies left questioning, enemies elated, A reputation tarnished, relationships deflated.

Oh, Joe Biden, a president so flawed, Your leadership falters, your vision is flawed. The nation yearns for strength, unity, and grace, But your legacy, a bitter and disappointing chase.