Fired from the DNC for just cause…

Has TRUMP remove the MUSLIM PRAYING MATS from OBAMA’S MASTER BEDROOM and offices of his 12 MUSLIM assistants?……….

Only in AMERICA 🙁

Only the DEMOCRATS 🙁

Your taxes at work AGAINST YOU(the professional AGITATORS(rioters against Trump are all in welfare with tips from George SOROS & gang)

I warned the next president in 2012(A KINGDOM W?O A KING) about Obama and his community organizing expertise w/black panthers and the wall street protesters. Remember?………..

Needless to say that obama became the next president and ignore my warning!..why?……


WOW! 3 MUSLIM BROTHERS Working For Dems In Congress CAUGHT Accessing Unauthorized Top-Secret Government Intel…One Has Criminal Background…May Have Ties To Muslim Brotherhood [VIDEO] »