An American Traitor

Today the U.S. Justice Department levied charges of providing classified information to the Islamic Republic of Iran against former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence specialist¬† Monica Witt, now going by the assumed name “Fatemah Zahra”. Witt, who was born and raised in Texas, allegedly provided Iranian security officials with the code name and classified mission of a U.S. Defense Department special access program. Prosecutors say she also did research to help Iranian authorities target her former co-workers within the American intelligence community.

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The lives and the country she took an oath before God to defend, she readily and willingly handed over to a regime bent of American annihilation. Raised in America’s neighborhoods, educated in our schools, befriended, helped, encouraged, and loved by her fellow people, this woman determined all of this to be the work of evil infidels and eagerly plotted their demise. Her colleagues in the armed services she apparently harbored an intense hatred of, as evidenced by allegations she handed over their personal identities and whereabouts to Iranian agents intending to use the information for harm.

I’m sure everyone can relate to Miss Witt–anyone offered the freedom to shape their own destiny and have their voice heard in the ideology of nation’s future, surely has a right to take up arms against such an evil oppression.

Hilary used to be a lawyer, maybe she can take up the case. Or get John Walker Lindh too, anyone remember this lovable face?

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