Why the Democrats Must Impeach Donald Trump

As Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party hurl full-bore down the path to impeachment of President Trump, they would do well to remember the sagacious words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “When you strike at a king, you must kill him” With daily outcries and outbursts, social media pandering and talk show bemoaning, character assassinations and rattling sabers, not to mention CNN’s obnoxious attempt at masquerading as anything but a liberal mouthpiece, the Democrats have chosen their hill to die on. They have made Trump the sole focus of their existence in the early 21st century, their cross to light aflame. Either they successfully remove him from office by the sword of impeachment, or…..well, they better hope they’re successful. Because another sword will come swinging back and it won’t stop until every last head has rolled.  

            This is the trembling ground on which Mrs. Pelosi and her army of self-appointed moral crusaders now stand. While one might accuse the Speaker of the House of gross negligence and even bombastic propaganda at times, she is far from stupid—surely she knows well what will happen if this impeachment campaign fails. An already seething President, only wounded from their onslaught, and with the full outrage of his base behind him and most importantly, a potential second term from which to lay waste to this attackers—for as his wife warned on the 2016 campaign trail, “When you attack him, he will punch back 10 times harder”. One can already hear his fist cocking back—Pelosi and her avenging band better hope he never gets the chance to follow through. If he does, Trump will escort them all to their political graves as sure as lightening follows thunder.