What Happened This Week in Washington 3/5/21

  1. Tsunami at the Southern Border: In office little more than two months, President Biden has effectively morphed America’s southern border into a turnstile with a giant glowing welcome sign for anyone who wants to illegally enter the United States. Tens of thousands of undocumented and illegal persons have stormed up the central American landscape toward their stated goal of entering the U.S. at what they believe is the behest of Biden. Some are even wearing t-shirts with Biden’s name on them. Like sharks can smell blood in the water, desperate immigrants can smell weakness oozing from the White House all the way down the western hemisphere–gone are the strong-armed and effective regulations that helped Trump secure the southern border more efficiently than at any point in our nation’s history. The incredibly effective Remain in Mexico policy has been scrapped, as has the Safe Third Agreements in Central America–scrapped because they worked too well. And the results have been staggering: officials in Texas report a large group of COVID-19 positive immigrants being released into the country as part of Biden’s reinstatement of the “Catch & Release” policy, and a sheriff in Arizona has pleaded with the administration to take action, claiming five or six cartel groups enter Cochise County a day. Biden simply doesn’t care–of if he does, he’s not allowed to. Americans, specifically white Americans, have been reduced to at very least, second class citizens–at worst, public enemies. Biden is controlled by the puppet strings of a faceless cabal, whose agenda is to remake America in its own image. Whatever this image is, we are only allowed to glimpse fragments–racial trojan horses, unending waves of immigration, dismantlement of traditions, an the all out elimination of anyone who disagrees–the whole picture, as terrible as it may be, remains forever out of sight. Biden is fulcrum and look what he’s done in only two months.
  2. Cuomo’s Circus Silence: Donald Trump breathes wrong and the national media is calling for investigations, impeachments, and all-out Armageddon. Dr. Seuss is racist, “Get Him Out of Here!” they yell. On and on and on, in a culture so obsessed with crucifying itself it reacts with light-altering warp speed whenever a perceived injustice is thought to be taking place. But when democratic governor Andrew Cuomo is found to have grossly lied and covered up COVID-19 deaths, as well as being accused by several women of sexual harassments, these rabid drooling social justice watchdogs are silent. CNN has nothing on its website or tv programs that even mention Cuomo, unless it’s his steroid-mascot idiot brother still moaning about Trump. The scores of journalists, news anchors, newspaper heads, media personalities, and politicians who rattled the saber at Trump over anything and everything, say nothing now. Surprised? Don’t be–control of the media is just the beginning face of enslaving a population.
  3. Basement Biden: This one is more “what hasn’t happened in Washington. Specifically, why hasn’t Biden, the president of the United States, given a single press conference yet? “We’re in the middle of a global pandemic” press secretary Jen Psaki offered as a reason for why her boss had hid from the American public since taking office. That, of course, is really rich. President Trump was in the middle of a global pandemic for over a year had daily interactions with the press and the public. Hell, he even stopped on walks to Marine one to speak with carnivorous reporters outside the White House. This is merely a continuation of the strategy Biden’s handlers used to get him elected: keep him quiet, keep him out of site. So when will the Ghost-in-Chief speak with the American people? “Sometime before the end of the month” Psaki says.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” – from George Orwell’s 1984