What Happened This Week in Washington 1/15/21

  1. McCarthyism Wears New Robes: Just as Senator Joseph McCarthy launched a searing vendetta disguised as an inquisition against his fellow Americans in the 1950’s, the left-wing arbiters of justice and all that is holy, the bastions of hope the Democrats, have launched a new “Red Scare” against anyone and everyone who voted for President Donald Trump. Look no further than the voice of truth, fairness, and divine liberty on television, CNN’s crown Prince, Don Lemon:
    “If you voted for Trump, you voted for the person who the Klan supported. You voted for the person who Nazis support. You voted for the person who the alt-right supports. You voted for the person who incited a crowd to go into the Capitol and potentially take the lives of lawmakers…You voted on that side, and the people in Washington are continuing to vote on that side,” Lemon explained to his colleague, CNN’s steroid-shooting expert and perpetually aghast former frat bro who has yet to leave Alpha Delta Phi , Chris Cuomo. This is but a small cog in the Left’s massive adoration of McCarthy, with House Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney demanding all D.C. hotels, travel lodges, motels, Airbnb’s and park benches unanimously and without pause heed her “dire” direction to refuse service to all Trump supporters–the city of New York is also canceling all contracts with Trump-owned properties, every social media platform has banned Trump and several of his associates like lepers or gypsy thieves (their final straw was Trump’s tweet declaring he would not attend Biden’s inauguration–How dare he not attend! –because, obviously he’s signaling to his army that 1/20 is the time to attack; obviously), the PGA has pulled its 2022 golf championship from Trump’s New Jersey golf course because golf is a gentlemen’s game of refined and prudent taste (outside of Tiger Wood’s sleeping with everything with two legs and sometimes one, of course), Lehigh University and Wagner college have rescinded their honorary degrees they conferred onto to Trump because he shall not have a meaningless piece of paper that counts for nothing (not now, not ever!), Blue Cross Blue Shield, who supplies health insurance to 1 out of 3 Americans, has valiantly decreed it will suspend donations to any lawmaker who objected to Biden’s victory…….and then there’s sensationalism’s idiot darling, the crown princess of millennial myopia, and the elected official who publishes pictures of herself glaring at the back of people she doesn’t like’s heads while calling Donald Trump a child, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Who’s plan for her professed goals of unity, equality, and fairness for all is to compile a blacklist of “Trump Sycophants” (her words) to have on hand when former labor secretary Robert Reich’s proposed “Truth & Reconciliation” commission comes out to lynch, castrate, and burn all who dared vote for Trump. If all else fails we will lobotomize these 70 million people by way of reeducation camps, and send them out into the brave new world where “Pick Your Gender” is a kindergarten exercise and you have to check with Twitter before you speak. Justice for All!