The Rise of Generational Warfare

America’s youth is increasingly turning left–driven by everything from climate change to political correctness–even within the Democratic Party there is dissension between the established older stalwarts such as good ol’ Nancy and the blabbering upstart the Marvelously Malignant Ms. Ocasio-Cortez–can the GOP survive?

In a recent article published in the Atlantic, academics Niall Ferguson and Eyck Freymann, discuss what many politic researchers have claimed is a coming generation/culture war in the United States. In the next decade, Generation Z and the much-derided Millennials will assume a major demographic of American voters–and the majority of them bleed their hearts to the radical left. As the article states, “If the Democrats are not already the party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they will be soon.”
They are loud, they are defiant, they want it their way, and they’re armed with the most dangerous ideology of all: they believe it is their destiny to save the world.

If the GOP wants to survive the early part of this century, they will need to move outside of the Baby Boomer and Silent Generation lifeblood that has sustained them for a nearly a century. In war that is increasingly fought by the volume of one’s voice and fanaticism of social media armies, it greatly behooves the Republican future to court the young. However delirious and dangerous they may be.

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