Painting the Truth

The Ides of March have taken a curious turn–the long awaited, feverishly whispered about, speculated on, dramatized, and polarizing Mueller Report has finally walked into the light of day–and it did not contain the heralded doomsday that Democrats were savoring for after two years of waiting. Rather than sound the trumpets of Mr. Trump’s impeachment, the Report offered, for nay-saying parrots like Nancy Pelosi and her weeping flunky Chucky Schumer, the horrific echo of what the President has said all along, “There was no collusion.”

Now as they scramble for the public dismemberment of Attorney General Bill Barr (the last bullet in their gun), Nancy and her Democratic sensationalist mob, yes expect Ocasio-Cortez to coming screaming across social media any minute now in hysterical calls of Armageddon, we realize how very subjective the truth has become in 21st century America. When the highest law enforcement officer in the nation, Barr, puts an end to this ballyhooed witch hunt and Pelosi’s cronies still cry collusion, obstruction, it becomes clear we have lost what the truth really is. I suppose if you asked Nancy, she might tell you that the truth is “convenient”.