Impeachment: A Squealing, Neurotic, Hysterical, Temper-tantrum, Because We Just Can’t Stand that You Won and the Economy is Thriving, and well, the Mueller Report Didn’t Destroy You Like We Went to Bed Praying for Ever Night for the Last Two Years….

Consider this comment from a spokesperson for 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden: “Vice President Biden agrees with Speaker Pelosi that no one would relish what would certainly be a divisive impeachment process, but that it may be unavoidable if this Administration continues on its path,” 

Are you kidding me? Is this buffoon really trying to make anyone, on either side, believe that the Democrats wouldn’t RELISH the opportunity to publicly destroy President Trump? Again, are you kidding? This is the same juvenile group who has literally, literally, done every single thing else in within their power to eviscerate Trump. I mean c’mon, they’re openly salivating at the mouth like Pavlov’s dogs at the mere first syllable of impeachment–why just the other day, Ocasio-Cortez had to be dragged off the congressional floor for foaming and grunting like a wild animal when she heard Justin Amash turn coat for impeachment. Crazy-faced Nancy more less acts like the zoo keeper who’s doping in the supply closet when she’s not having to keep a rabid pack of blood-thirsty, red-eyed, poison-toothed, bloated millionaires fattened on a false sense of real importance, from marching through Washington with pitchforks, knives, scythes, guillotines covered with fantastical New Green Deal stickers and Twitter hashtags nobody can understand, talking parrots disguised as senators and congressmen, a sickening throb visible on all their lustful and murderous foreheads–oh wait! there’s Justin Amash slipping in near the rear of this ludicrous parade dressed up like a religious zealot crusading with divine righteousness at his back, he’s brandishing a machete over his head and shrieking almost inhumanly, “Impeach! Impeach! KILL HIM!”

Relish………Oh yes, oh yes you would. One can nearly lift their eyes above the smog just long enough to wonder where this stops being about America, and bleeds helplessly into a personal vendetta. But no, they would never relish any of it.