Beto, the Boy Who Cried Racism

Polling at 2% Beto O’Rourke sure is doing his part to get his numbers back up–his latest ploy? Straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: Blame everyone else–in this case, white people and America itself. In fact, if the flag wasn’t waving sadly behind him, one might be tempted to think he was campaigning for a foreign regime. Even more, it sounds like he’s literally calling America evil–the black and white stupidity with which sensationalist and self-righteous Liberals can’t free themselves from seeing everything with:

“This is a country that has been defined by foundational, systemic, endemic racism since the very founding of this country,” he said. “August 20th of 1619 – the first time that a kidnapped African was brought here against his will and made to serve as a slave to build the greatness and the success and the wealth of this country, which his descendants would never be able to fully participate in.”

“This is the reality of the United States of America,” Beto continued. “And sooner or later, it was going to find us. It wasn’t a matter of if, it was a matter of when.”

The proud son of a Texas politician (who helped smooth his son out of a DUI) Beto rails against the country who afforded him a home, an income, a voice, and privilege: “What a disgusting country this is,” says Beto. And not only our we disgusting, but we are also solely responsible for the entire world’s problems: “The violence, the persecution, the droughts caused not by God, nor by Mother Nature, but by you and me, our excesses, our inaction in the face of the facts and the science of climate change that we are producing,” he said.

Anybody notice a pattern here, in between all the Twitter posturing, racial harping, and mirror-driven pandering? From AOC and Omar’s gang of social media finger puppets to Beto’s repulsion at the very country he seeks to represent, one ideology remains constant–this new generation of Democrats hate America. And they don’t care for your opinion.

You are a vote and a retweet. Your tongue is a platform for propaganda. And you’re a racist if you don’t agree.