What Happened This Week in Washington

A Politically Incorrect Recap of this Week’s Politics: (10-9-20)

  1. More Dems w/ Links to Xi: Arizona senator Mark Kelly and the infamous Hunter Biden have deep links to the Chinese Communist party in their various business contracts, including Kelly’s involvement with Chinese company Tencent. Selling the giant Chinese conglomerate Tencent a role in Kelly’s surveillance balloon company offers the Chinese dictatorship an opportunity to acquire surveillance technology that will help it further control the Chinese people. At a time when the dictatorship has more than a million Muslims in concentration camps, is systematically destroying the culture of Tibetan Buddhists, and is imposing a police state on Hong Kong, offering surveillance opportunities through Tencent to Xi Jinping is a profoundly bad idea. “Between 2002 and 2016, Chinese state-owned or state-linked companies acquired more than $120 billion worth of assets in 40 states across the U.S. Just 15 Chinese entities (sovereign wealth funds, state-owned corporations or state-linked private sector firms) accounted for 60% of this activity. In 2016 alone, more than 50 of these Chinese acquisitions exceeded $50 million. Several Chinese takeover deals exceeded $1 billion.” – JustNews report.
  2. Empress of Black People Mrs. Obama: This is another edition of “I have no acumen other than being married to a former president but you MUST listen to what I say because I’m very important”: Michelle Obama, in her infinite wisdom and grace, decides that the American people desperately need (once again) to hear what she has to say, releasing a droning monologue she dubs “My Closing Argument to Americans”, essentially telling undecided voters they should listen to her and vote for Joe Biden because, well, she’s black. “I want everyone who is still undecided to think about all those folks like me and my ancestors. If only she only meant “closing” as in forever shutting the hell up….
  3. Nutty Nancy: President Trump orders Mitch McConnell to cease negotiations with Pelosi and Democrats on the second Coronavirus relief package till after the election, citing his belief her proposed 2.4 Trillion-dollar package would not entirely go to coronavirus applications, as well as the need to focus on confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. In sadly predictable fashion, Nancy goes into histrionics again, (remember only a month ago when she wanted to impeach the president again?), this time she’s considering invoking the 25th amendment to declare the president mentally unfit to perform his duties and remove him from office. There’s two problems with this: 1) Vice President Mike Pence would have to sign this for it to pass 2) This is the same woman who a month ago was duped and “set-up” by a hair salon. Who’s mentally unfit again? And furthermore, there’s twenty some days till the election. What’s a matter Nancy, scared he’s got four more coming?
  4. The Haughty Kamala:
    “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking. (that smarmy little condescending smile) I’m speaking.” And as lesbians, feminists, drag queens, little woke Millennials whose father still pays their cell phone bill, and assorted women everywhere leapt off their couches last night to herald in the arrival of a new age at that cheeky little remark, those of us who remember a time when political prowess was measured in substance and not high school cafeteria disses, poured ourselves another drink. Yay, the VP nominee is a black Asian woman to can mimic a teenage girl in thoughts and actions….Remind me again, what is it about Trump’s behavior they hate so much?

And so to end this week’s little adventure in stupidity, naivety, grand delusions and omnipotent self-righteousness (also known as Kamala Harris’s psyche profile), lets enjoy a little levity from one of the 20th century’s most savage writers:
“The brutal reality of politics would be probably intolerable without drugs.”
― Hunter S. Thompson