Mueller Disappears From the Democratic Tongue

For those of you who gambled with your sanity in watching the democratic debates this week, and were still able to function after the fog of lunacy wore off, you might have noticed a curious shadow hanging over the strange debacle–a shadow unspoken, unannounced, and ubiquitously avoided. Namely, that of Mr. Robert S. Mueller.

Remember that guy? The name that was….oh I don’t know, SLUNG like spray paint all across the American landscape from the coldness north of Augusta, Maine to the lazy San Diego palms, across every newspaper, talk show, podcast, political column, poured belligerently from CNN’s megaphones like the last ride of Paul Revere “Impeachment is coming! Impeachment is coming!” , Mueller the prophet, Mueller the Moses revealing the path, Mueller with slingshot aimed high, Mueller the guillotine, the unmasked executioner to end the reign of Trump…..remember that guy? Robert Mueller, American hero and household name, was seemingly forgotten entirely during the debate. His name, only a week earlier rung from sea to shinning sea like an angelic herald, was not mentioned once. Not once. Not even alluded to. What happened?

Hmmm….oh. wait. Thaaaaaaaat’s right–the fabled Mueller testimony on Capitol Hill failed to deliver the knives against Trump’s throat the Democrats had foamed at the mouth and abandoned all rational human behavior for. Their grand plan to desecrate Mr. Trump caved in like a lonely carnival pavilion–leaving the clowns with no more stages upon which to dance.

Don’t worry….they’ll be back with another heaving desperation. Children are relentless when they don’t get what they want.