Motivation for success

You only live once, it is now or never!

My rules for a successful life: P, P, P & P (nothing to do with peeing):
Passion: Find & seek your PASSION in life! (What do YOU want to do
in YOUR ONE SHOT at it)?…………

Purpose: What is the purpose of your passion? Is it wealth, fame,
good health, legacy, self-satisfaction, retirement, or just survival at
the expense of other’s work and taxes?………..

Planning: Plan your life like a long trip to a destination. Always have
plans for sudden detours due to unforeseen events, i.e.: Marriage,
death, economics, government regulations, or high taxes.

Perseverance: Stick to your plan, but don’t be afraid of changing
directions or even your passion. Be realistic of your capabilities and
the difficulties you need to overcome. You’re better off changing
course than failing due to your stubbornness.

My Father’s Definition of Success or Failure:

Success is when you know you can succeed and keep on trying as a
result of your PERSEVERANCE.
Failure is when you know you cannot succeed and keep trying due
to your stubbornness (get to know when to hold them & when to
fold them).

My personal experience:

Persistency is the key to success: I observed, analyzed and
documented (the basic rules for innovation) an event in 1974, which
40 years later I was able to perfect. I then obtained my 41st patent,
and consequently revolutionized my industry.

Stubbornness: Trying to teach an old dog new tricks.